Oceanographic modelling in Chile

The main goal with these projects is to study water contact and dispersion of particles in Health Management Areas (HMA), using a high-resolution ocean model.

SINMOD is a 3D coupled model system that has been developed and used at SINTEF since 1987. The main modules in SINMOD are a 3D hydrodynamic model and an ecosystem model for the lower trophical levels in the marine ecosystem. The model has been applied for many studies in the Nordic and Arctic Seas. This work also involves downscaling the SINMOD and establishing high resolution models for fjords and coastal areas. These downscaled models have improved the knowledge of general features of the near shore currents for local industry and government.

In the same projects a particle module in SINMOD has been used as a basis for Langrangian models for sealice and the dispersion of virus. The hydrodynamic module of SINMOD does not, in itself, need any specific adaption to be used for the coast of Chile. The main work in establishing the hydrodynamic model is to collect data on bathymetry, river runoff and atmospheric data that are needed to run the model. Once established, the model must be evaluated by comparing results from the model with available data on temperature, salinity and currents.


  • HMA 9 and 10
  • HMA 18, 19, 20 Under development
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